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Sometimes creating a website alone for your business is not enough. Usually, the people who need your products will surely visit your site, but there is a whole world of people out there who might be needing your products but are unable to reach you simply because they don’t know how to. And those kinds of people mostly included people from your local communities.Community Outreach Marketing.

Connecting with your local areas and community is crucial. Most of the business’s loyal customers come from local communities.

Let’s face it, they are the closest, hence reach out to you in their time of need. So, making sure that your local community knows about your business is very important.

And basically, not creating awareness about your business is just a failing marketing strategy.

So, is there a way of connecting with the people near you who are not aware of your business? Absolutely.

Community outreach marketing is a marvelous, thoughtful and efficient way of connecting with your local communities and developing a marketing strategy.

Before you get confused and ask, what is that? Let us dive into the matter.

What is Community Outreach Marketing?

Community outreach marketing is a standard strategic way to help increase awareness about your products and services along with making your brand strong.

It is a strategy for searching out organizations or groups that have a shared or dependent interest in what your business has to offer.

The term community outreach marketing is often coined with the term community outreach programs.
Directly connecting with people and marketing your products might seem a bit advertising and harsh.
Interacting and offering services will help you connect with your community and nurture relationships. These programs ensure the marketing of your business in a much healthy way.

Community outreach programs are a unique way of providing services to groups such as social service groups, religious groups or other non-profitable groups who can understand the need of your business in the community and in turn suggest them to people who require it.

A community outreach program is a crucial part of community outreach marketing. Community outreach marketing is a smart and efficient way of marketing and gaining customers all the while supporting a good cause.

Creating a Community Outreach Strategy

Some people might think an outreach program to be easy. But it’s not true. It takes more than just meeting people and sponsoring products.

An effective community outreach program takes a lot of time and energy. After all, it takes a lot of effort to build people’s trust.

So, while planning a community outreach program, there are certain things that you should keep in mind to make the strategy an effective one.

1. Recognizing your Audience

The first thing you should do while planning outreach programs is that you decide your target audience.

It is true that, one business cannot satisfy all the needs of various people, so keeping your target audience in mind helps you focus better and minimize confusion.

2. Knowing your Purpose

What do you wish to achieve? It might be an obvious question but an important one. You must decide what you are to achieve.

Do you wish to rank your products and services? Or do you want your products to sell out more?

Having a clear and definite goal would help you to understand the correct approach and effort needed.

3. Extensive Planning and Research

Why should people listen to you? Why would they want to do anything with you? All these questions can only be answered by thorough research and heavy planning.

You must plan everything before you even take a simple step. You should have proper research on what the people need and how can you help them. 

We all know that in marketing, first impressions do count. So, doing extensive planning beforehand helps to avoid failure.

4. Creating Profitable Relationships

Outreach marketing counts largely on other real and beneficial relationships. You must carefully choose your mutually profitable relationships. 

As a marketer, you should take care of your influencers and brand partners by offering gifts for their effort and giving them motivation.

5. Picking the Right Influencers

Choosing the right influencers for your program can be difficult. You should avoid those influencers who simply sponsor your products in exchange for money. 

Try to search influencers just like you would search for business or brand partners. Look for influencers that are very passionate and excited about your brand which will show in their work.

6. Developing Trust

Well as we know, trust is the most important factor in community outreach programs. If people don’t trust you then they would likely think that your business is not legitimate.

People would likely not trust the brand or people that constantly preach about them. They will understand that the brand is there to promote itself. So, to build trust among people you should selflessly do something for them.

You can build trust by keeping in touch with them. You can also offer regular communications to your loyal customers to build in trust. This will keep them updated about your new products and build in trust.

7. Explaining your Brand Story

Of course, you should remember that all of this effort is for your brand only, so do not forget to tell the story of your brand. 

You should constantly get in touch with the efficient and right people at the correct timing to help you spread your brand story.

The people who spread your story might be influencers with a huge number of followers on social media or good happy customers posting online how much they loved your products.

So, these were some tips to build an effective community outreach program to aid in your marketing strategy.

There are various kinds of outreach programs that help people’s businesses in their marketing strategy. The programs are based on specific goals or ambitions as we have already discussed above.

So, here are some avenues or ideas for community outreach programs.

1. Helping Schools and Children

Volunteering in schools and helping children would help you to connect with leaders of community and also with parents, family members and teachers. 

Programs such as these helps in getting your brand name out in the front of your community. These programs spread awareness about your company’s services and products. 

You can also offer or set up scholarship funds for students who aspire to be in your field of business. This effort will help in boosting your link-building works.

2. Supporting Local Charity Programs

There are number of local community events that you can attend and help in sponsoring, supporting and even hosting. 

You can contact city officials and gather information of the events taking place at your local community. 

Gather more information about the event that will be perfect for sponsoring your business. These kinds of events provide an opportunity for your brand to come in front of a large number of people. 

Some incredible events that you should keep your eye on are carnivals, concerts, athletic events, sports, religious events and other charity events.

3. Promoting Products

Promoting products is a great way to spread your brand name. These promotional products consist of various products such as notebooks, pens, clothes and much more. 

The products that people use every day, will gain you another opportunity for your brand to be popular. People will go more for recognizable branding. 

People might not need your products right away but if your information is consistently out there, then they will contact you when they want something you offer.

The more people recognize your brand and buy your products, the more chances you get to create ambassadors – people who had loved what you are offering and will willingly spread good words for your brand and services. 

Your brand recognition is quite necessary because it is quite common that people respond better if they get to know your brand through a third party.

4. Programs for Internships or Mentorships

Providing internship or mentorship programs for younger generation will provide your business and company a recruitment of fresh faces.

The younger generations are not only eager to learn but they also adapt quickly. These programs provide your company the opportunity to come in front of younger people who might be interested in your line of business. 

When students from your internship program gains experience, they become the preacher of your brand.

5. Connection with Social Influencers and Local Media

Providing potent information or content to local journalists, bloggers and other influencers can help in the spreading of your brand name and gain recognition. 

Having their followers and viewers as leverage, you get more recognition for your brand when they state or talk about your products and services.

You have to get their attention by giving them content or story worth writing over. The local influencers are usually hungry over fresh story and can play a major role in the recognition of your brand.

Which Community Outreach Program Should You Use for your Marketing Strategy?

Well, needless to say it depends on you and the field of business your involved in. You must always keep your company goals and target audience in mind while planning an outreach program.

Because if you mismatched these two the consequences are likely to be pitiful.

For example, if your company’s products are headphones or speakers then your ideal outreach program event will likely be a concert or carnival. Imagine sponsoring these products in a religious event. I know, awkward. 

So, well balancing of targeted audience and your products is necessary. People with large scale businesses can offer internships programs as their marketing strategy. 

And people with small scale businesses can offer to work with school or church to promote their products. Similarly, people with blogging businesses should target local journalists and large influencers.


There are lots of brands out there that do quite a great job and make marvelous products, but remain short of grabbing attention. There could be various reasons for that, but mostly it is because people do not know about them.

That is why community outreach marketing is really important in today’s business world. 

It is a great strategy that has been proven to increase credibility and product awareness. If this strategy is implemented correctly then it can have a positive impact on your business and brand popularity.

Using community outreach marketing strategy as a continuous process will help your business get continual new relationships and awareness for your brand.

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April 1, 2020

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